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Posted: December 03, 2019

My reviews never cared much for packaging, I mean, how many times do you look at your phone’s box and bubble with pride?

But I will still give credit where it’s due, the packaging of these babies is phenomenal; the box is somewhat cute. It also has a crisp African design at the top that also adds to the ‘wakanda’ fuzz, another custodian of the African heritage this one! Open the box and therein you find these babies folded up nicely:

1 jack cable

one USB cable for charging, instructions and a warranty card.

Let’s get honest
For Ksh 3000, I feel like the main selling points of this set of headphones is the aesthetics, but once you get a hold of them then you will feel disappointed, the build is all plastic, a bit flimsy also now that we are telling the bare truth. Throw them over your head and you will experience a rather loose fit, I don’t know how to feel about loose-fitting headphones, there are pros to it; like letting in ambient sound this will probably stand in between you and ending up as roadkill when taking your morning jog but when being used indoors it somewhat reduces the sound isolation and comes in the way of the great sound these babies push out. I honestly feel like Pace shot themselves on the foot by having that flimsy plastic body on these babies.

The sound on them is great, they handle the low frequencies the way proper earphones should, I especially liked that part until it was watered down by the poor isolation from the loose fit.

On usability, these babies are rather easy to love, they have three buttons which naturally sit at the back of the ear and are pretty easy to access even during a vigorous bout of exercise like jogging, there is a power button and two more buttons which serve the purpose of volume control, play next and play back. Next to them, it packs a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB charging port.

These babies also boast of a Bluetooth V4.2 connect, which connects to nearly every mobile device there is, connection distance is decent and is not hampered by walls okay maybe not walls; a wall so you can listen to music when you phone is in the next room which is a great thing. The battery on it is also decent and does a good 12 hours on a single charge in my experience which is good compared to its counterparts in the market.

So should you get the PACE LIVE? Well, if its what your heart wants then I may not do much to stop you but if you are following reason then probably not. For the hefty price of Ksh.3000 you could easily get better build and more comfortable headphones. I still have a lot of hope in this brand though, this being their first-generation headphones it is a shot in the right trajectory but it will need some tweaking.

Until next time its been real!


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