Tech Talk: Use Shukran to Tip your Fave Creatives

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Posted: August 06, 2020

Creatives/artists have arguably been some of the most impacted workers by the loss of human communion since COVID-19. The bans on public gatherings and travel restrictions (both local and international), alongside night time curfews, social distancing measures, closure of  public spaces, and restrictions on movement, have radically changed social and economic interactions for creatives in the country.

Stand up comedians, musicians, heck, even exotic dancers have had to come up with alternative ways to entertain their fans.  According to a report by HEVA fund, 88% of creatives who took  part in their Impact of COVID-19 on Creative and Cultural Industry survey witnessed a decrease in incomes over the Q1 2020 as a result of the pandemic. 

Creatives have offered an escape for all of us during these surreal times. They’ve uploaded some great entertaining videos on various digital platforms and for the most part, they’ve offered their time and talent for free.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could show our appreciation by virtually tipping them? Well, you can! 

Shukran App makes it possible to reward your fave creatives and  incentivize them to produce quality content.

Say you like X as a content creator or as a person whose vision you believe in. She says she needs to buy a camera or to sell her food photography photos. If you believe in this vision you click on her Shukran link and tip her ( ). Easy peasy.

If you’re a creative looking for ways to cash in on your talent even as we self-isolate, Shukran is for you. Sign up here.


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