Tech Talk: Digitizing Kenya’s Libraries

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: January 19, 2021  

If you are planning to look back into Kenya’s history and cultural heritage, digital cataloguing might be the solution. Book Bunk  is working on digitizing Kenya’s books, journals and all the precious knowledge passed down to us over the decades.

Book Bunk dares us to imagine that public libraries can be steered to become more than just repositories, acting as sites of knowledge production, shared experiences, cultural leadership and information exchange. 

In March 2018, Book Bunk Trust partnered with the Nairobi City County government to deliver complete restoration of and programming for McMillan Memorial Library (Kenya’s second oldest library) and two of its branches in Makadara and Kaloleni. 

Now, in 2021, it’s starting to take form. Imagine a modern day Library of Alexandria, a digital library where the published works of humankind — all the books, music, video, webpages, and software — are available to anyone curious enough to want to access them. Now is the time to build it.

The technology and costs to achieve this vision are now understood, and in fact, various projects are proving that it can be done. It’s happening all over the world! It’s time we caught up. 

This is a great project anyone can participate in.

Do you have a one of a kind Kenyan/African document, journal or book you’d like digitized/archived for the good of the general public?  Join in on this noble project by sending an email to



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