Talking ‘Weka’ with Gnako & Fany

Article by Timothy
Posted: February 20, 2019

KB: ‘Weka’ is clearly the new vibe in town, so what inspired you guys to make the song?
Gnako: First of all, we met with Fany on a tour where later on we decided to create something together. We hit the studio back in Dar but we didn’t quite get the right tune.We got together later on and created ‘Weka’.

KB: How would you describe ‘Weka’?
Gnako: Weka basically is like a love song,but also a club a banger.

KB: Any specific genre associated with it?
Gnako: Ah I’d put it as Afro Pop…and a bit of Bongo.

KB: So,Fany how’s the experience been working with Gnako and the journey in making the song?
Fany: When I first met Gnako, I wanted to work with him and he was okay with it.I went back to Tanzania five months later to listen to the track. He loved it instantly! I did my vocals, he did the melody.

Within days, Gnako had finished everything and sent me a response. I did not anticipate he’d be that fast.

KB: Who produced the song?
Fany: Ah, David Macode

KB: The response to the song so far?
The audio is not out yet, but from the snippets I’ve been sharing on my Instagram it’s nice and coming up well.

KB: So when is the official release of ‘Weka’?
Officially, it was yesterday because we wanted it to be exclusive first. So anytime today the audio will be out on YouTube. (The audio has just been released)

KB: Any word you can share about the upcoming video?
We expect to do the video here in Kenya, specifically Nairobi.
Gnako: We already have the concept for the video but are now looking for the right location in Nairobi to do the shoot.

KB: Last word to your fans?
Gnako & Fany:
We hope they will embrace the song as much as we have in creating it.

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