Talking Desturi Festival With Abbih Nguma

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: February 07, 2019  

KB: Tell us about Abbih Nguma

Abbih is a singer, songwriter and live performing artiste. I also host and produce a program called ‘Grapevine’.

KB: How would you describe your music?

Urban Rhumba, everything within the Rhumba scene but I try to add an urban flavor. I could just call my music a mix of Rhumba and Zouk.

KB: So you have an event coming up called Desturi Festival. Tell us more about it.

The Desturi Festival started initially as an event that I wanted to host back home in Mombasa. We had to cancel due to last minute pull out by the only sponsor we had.

This year we will be re-launching in Nairobi.

KB: Any features at the festival?

Yes! Both Bendi Huru and Le Afrique bands will be there, Jemedari and of course MC Josh will also be attending.

KB: When will the event be happening and what time do the gates open?

The event will be taking place on the 24th of February, 2019 at the August 7th Memorial Park. Gates will open at 1pm; the event will begin from between 2 and 3pm in the afternoon.

KB: How much will the tickets be going for?

Only 500 bob!

KB: What inspired the choice of location?

I like to place everything I do with my own unique art, to be able to tell a story. It would be a beautiful thing to tell people that our first edition of Desturi Festival was held at a venue that commemorates the people who lost their lives in the 1998 bombing. Given that I’ve released ‘Kenya’, it just perfectly blends.

KB: What should the audience expect at the event?

We will have live music, no playback. Also, let them expect to have, a great time, food and drinks!

KB: What’s next for Desturi Festival?

Thanks to this new partnership with KenyaBuzz, we hope to have two more editions in Nairobi, and then take it to Mombasa. We aim to host the festival every two months within the year.


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