Survival Mode Play for Kids in Nairobi at Adventure Farm

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: August 24, 2021  

Minecraft is one of the few video games parents seem to tolerate even if their kids spend hours playing it. This is because Minecraft is known as a ‘sandbox’ game, meaning that, unlike most games, it doesn’t have to have an end-goal such as defeating an end of level boss or finding a particular object.

Instead, Minecraft allows the player to choose whatever it is that they want to do, whether it is adventure out and battle monsters, create a farm and trade with local villagers or simply build the largest structure possible.

The basic Minecraft game starts the player off in survival mode, with a health bar that decreases if you take damage, such as from falling, being attacked or simply not eating enough to keep your hunger bar from becoming empty.

However, these settings can be easily changed either before starting the game or in the settings options after the game has started. These settings include what ‘mode’ you can play in, the difficulty of the game and whether or not to allow “cheats”.

Adventure Farm in Karen is hosting a Mine hack for kids from 26-29 August. The live edition Survival Mode Play for kids will help them learn survival skills, how to light a campfire, make a shelter, plant food & craft bread. Gather your kids and their bubble of friends and join in the ultimate game of the holidays. Call 0719 142560 to make arrangements.








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