Stylist Lucy Robi On Styling for East Africa’s Got Talent

Stylist Lucy Robi On Styling for East Africa’s Got Talent

The glamorous judges, the entertaining stage antics and the dreaded buzzers; there’s a reason why East Africa’s Got Talent is one of the most popular TV shows on TV right now.

But it turns out that it takes more than just a stage and the contestants to bring the show to life – as the assistant stylist for EAGT Lucy Robi reveals.

She gets to work under the phenomenal Wambui Thimba and here, she lets us in on what’s it like styling for EAGT.

KB: How is styling for such a big show different than, say, a magazine or other projects you’ve worked on?

Styling for such a big show is different, there are many factors involved, its working with a bigger team to make the whole show look great. From sound, lighting, stage, art direction, makeup and hair, there is definitely a lot of voices behind the camera to make it work. Its like an assembly line in a car factory and each part has a key role they play before the car is taken to the showroom. For us stylists, I think we are definitely the ribbon on the car at the showroom.

KB: When it comes to the Judges & participants and their incredibly varied styles and personalities, how do you approach dressing them all?Do you ever commission any custom-made pieces? And do they have any input on what they wear?

The Key thing is communication with either the judges or participants involved. Every single judge or participant definitely has input in what they wear. The comfort of either the judge or participant is very important. They have to be comfortable with how they want to be perceived. As stylists, we do guide the participants on what would work with the act they have. This also goes the same for the judges. Their looks although distinct have to also tie in together. At times,  whatever we have in mind might not really exist and this is where custom made pieces are key!

KB: Tell us what it’s like behind the scenes. The chaos before the glam we see on TV?

It is really beautiful to watch. How it all comes together and the best way to see it is from behind the scenes. From thought to reality. The chaos not so much. It’s just a part of how it ends up being finally seen.

KB:Are you working with any major brands for the inaugural season?

Yes we are.. But you have to keep watching to see

KB:  Where do you pull inspiration from? Runway, street style, bad & bourgie  or even a bit of all four?

We pull inspiration from everywhere, but the best inspiration comes from the person we are dressing

KB: We know they’re all fantastic but you’re allowed to be a little biased, who’s your fave  Judge to style & why?

Hahaha! No bias… I really have no favorites! I love them all! They each bring a different way to style them. That’s what is so great about them.

KB:  What are some of your fave looks so far in the inaugural season of EAGT?

They are all my favorites! Honestly

KB: Must have fashion pieces for the second half of the year?

It is getting pretty hot the second half of the year, a great pair of sunnies and I’ve really taken a liking to Fanny packs

KB: Fashion Faux Pass that should just die?

Problem is that these fashion faux pas keep creeping back out the closet. Trends always come back but I really have to say I’m not in love with CROCS!!




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