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The Storymoja ‘Start a Library’ Campaign Looks to Build a Reading for Pleasure Culture in Kenya

18 Sep 2015 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

Storymoja Kenya Start a Library Reading Culture

Dr. Auma Obama yesterday noted the importance of engagement at the grassroots as well as country and national level, for developing a reading culture. She was speaking during the launch of this year’s edition of the Storymoja Festival at the Arboretum, alongside the festival’s CEO Muthoni Garland.

And to help nurture a reading culture, Storymoja through the Yetu Initiative- under the Aga Khan Foundation and USAID partnership- announced a campaign that will set up 100 reading libraries across the country. “Less than 8% of children can read at the benchmark level of 65 words per minute in English and 45 words per minute in Kiswahili,” noted Muthoni.

The libraries will house story books that will instill creative imagination, critical thinking and empathy in the young readers. The initiative is seeking to leverage the support, influence and grassroots reach of the County First Ladies to raise awareness on the importance of reading for fun.

“This engagement provides a platform where the 47 County First Ladies get to advocate on the importance of developing a reading culture at the county level, at the school level and at the decision-making level,” said Dr. Obama, who is also a Storymoja patron.

She also added, “The first ladies will be part of the reading ambassadors’ team, engaging with their communities and motivating children to read and with the aid of their teachers to develop narrative skills.”

The campaign seeks to raise Ksh 30 million by engaging local and international support from stakeholders and well-wishers under the ‘Start a Library’ campaign by December 2015.

The Storymoja Festival 2015, the annual literature festival is ongoing and will continue through to Sunday, Sep. 20 at the Nairobi Arboretum.

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