Stay-at-home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: February 10, 2021  

Now that quarantining is the “new normal”, a lot of folks will be spending 14th February at home. On the bright side, you and your partner get to avoid the hustle-and- bustle of the holiday. 

You won’t have to worry about reserving restaurant tables, enduring long lines at entertainment spots and breaking the bank just to celebrate the day of love.

If you choose to stay at home, you can still make it special. Here are some fun stay-at-home Valentine’s Day ideas to try out with your lover:

Indulge in Breakfast in Bed

Simple gestures like breakfast in bed become special when you take them to the next level. Make a spread of your favorite things on a cute tray. Try heart shaped pastries on Valentine’s and serve with a favorite book, newspaper or magazine. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, then you could try this easy peasy one pan breakfast by Kenyan food vlogger Miss Mandi

Play ‘Our Moments Couples Card Game’

No matter how long you’ve been together, there are still questions you haven’t asked and secrets you haven’t learned. Start uncovering them with this box of romantic, funny, and thoughtful prompts. Get it from Koolstuff shop at Ksh 2699.

Watch Kenyan Romantic Flicks

Get the popcorn ready and cozy up for a Kenyan romantic movie marathon. Watch Plan B and You again for free on Youtube, check out Disconnect & Sincerely Daisy on Netflix.

Play With Sex Dice

Here’s a kinky idea: play with sex dice! Intended to heighten the sexual atmosphere and promote foreplay, each face on the dice contains the name of a body part; the body part that faces up when the die is rolled must then be given sexual attention. Get six pieces from Jumia at Ksh 276.

Champagne Dinner 

There’s no better way to wind up this romantic day than to pop a bottle of champagne. To bring out the radiant, spontaneous, and seductive qualities of Rosé, culinary & champagne expert of Moët & Chandon’s chef de cuisine (head chef) created the unforgettable “Pink Dinners” in 2012, a series of elegant meals organized around the world in celebration of the seductive intensity of Rosé Impérial.

Today the chef de cuisine would recommend pairing Rosé Impérial with dishes that complement the champagne’s pink colour with ambry highlights, namely red meats served raw or grilled, red tuna and crustaceans, summer legumes, black olives, and intense cheeses. 


However you choose to celebrate with your partner  this Sunday, remember it’s all about love and it’s the thought that counts.


About the author

Maureen Kasuku

Maureen is our resident cat lady and Beyoncé stan. She writes about spas, brunch and ballet recitals but has never been to any. Moonlights as a social justice activist in her spare time. She knows things and is obnoxiously opinionated on the internet but not in real life


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