Spruce up Your Bedsitter with these Tips

Article by Christine
Posted: September 10, 2019  

The bedsitter or the one room apartment is a perfect living space ideal for people seeking to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Is there a way to make bedsitters ooze of style and vibe?  Yes. There is!

I am a firm believer that a person’s immediate space tells a lot about them. But lets not get this twisted and think that this space has to be 10000 square feet for it to define the person who lives there.

Whatever the space, however big or small, the effort that goes into improving the style, feel and vibe of any particular space is what really counts.

Here are some simple ideas to help you spruce up your bedsitter:

Big drawers

From a visual stand point, smaller spaces  can easily get crowded and messy. To counter this problem, we suggest you invest in big drawers that can be strategically fitted into other elements of furniture like sofas and beds. Use them to store elements that take up too much space like the wardrobe or shoe shelf. This makes the space neater and easier on the eye.

Embracing minimalism

Minimalism refers to frequent de-cluttering to get rid of the stuff that is taking up unnecessary space. That extra radio that you last used in 2004 or the old metallic box that you keep sliding under the bed. Do you really need them? If not, then take them out and make some space. Trust me it comes with a great visual appeal.

Wall Hangings

Plain colored walls are so basic and boring. Break the monotony of plain white walls with framed portraits, framed newspaper/magazine clippings, bead work, paintings, the list is as long as your creativity allows. Just don’t have plain white walls.


Having a plant in your space not only brings a natural feel to your space, but it also gives the impression of willingness and openness to embrace nature. A well taken care of plant ,say a money plant or a cactus or a nice flower in a vase, can easily become the centerpiece in any room.


Whatever the size of your space, a bookshelf can easily bring a warmer and more functional feel to your space. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a wall to wall book shelf, just a small book shelf pinned to the wall or next to your TV stand does the job. Strive to have a book shelf even if you cant sit through a book if your life depended on it.

Lamp shades

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space. There’s an aura of peace and luxury around well-lit spaces. Invest in different types of lamps and lamp shades that complement your living space and your personal style. With this it’s good to be open minded, play around with hues a bit, have a red or orange lamp shade to give the room that tungsten light.


A good carpet or floor mat gives any room a flair of luxury. Your choice of mats don’t have to set you back hundreds or tens of thousands, what matters is choosing carpets based on your budget and the theme colors of your ideal living space, lest you have colors clashing and killing the vibe of the room.


If you are looking for a space that speaks tonnes about style and your vibe, you can deviate from the usual curtains separating different spaces style. Try wooden or glass partitions to demarcate the bedroom area from the living room area or from the kitchen. The difference may surprise you!



About the author


Christine is a former KenyaBuzz employee.


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