Spice Up Your Love Life 2018

Spice Up Your Love Life 2018

A new year brings with it a great opportunity to evaluate your marriage or relationship. According to Facebook data on relationship statuses analysed by British journalist David McCandless, the most torturous months for relationships are between December and February. Most couples tend to break up during this period, and more so, after the New Year.

The clarity and emotional triggers that come with the holidays often mount pressure on relationships, which then tends to come to a head around new year’s. The cracks in relationships show themselves more around this time. Suddenly, the idea of a fresh start doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Most relationships are not broken, just a little bit bent. And they can be straightened out by going back to the basics. Before opting for a break up, why not try some of these ideas to put a spark back in your relationship.

Stay fit and healthy together: Exercising as a couple will not only strengthen your bodies and relax your minds, but also encourage you to push each other to your limits – positively of, course. You will learn to be there for each other again.

Travel: Seeing the world together brings couples closer as you get to explore and rediscover yourselves while creating new memories. It gives you new things to talk about and forces you to work together to negotiate new territory.

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Get involved in each other’s hobbies: You may not like some of your partner’s hobbies but showing them that you care by trying to participate once in a while is a great way of connecting. So cheer along with your husband next time he is watching football or join your wife for the latest RomCom- you never know, you may actually enjoy it!

Go out on dates: Don’t forget to treat each other at least once a month. Forget all the world’s problems, put aside your work and parenting for a night, and just concentrate on the two of you. This way you have a stress-free, happy environment to re-discover each other’s charms.

Play: Release your inner child for a minute and goof off with your partner.

Romance: Sex is an essential part of any relationship. It’s a confidence-builder to be found attractive by your other half, and for them to only want to be with you. Don’t neglect this part of your relationship.

This new year, make up – don’t break up.




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