Songs for Peace Competition at Sauti za Busara festival

Songs for Peace Competition at Sauti za Busara festival

sauti za busara

Immensely popular with Tanzanians as well as visitors to the region, Sauti za Busara has firmly established itself as an unmissable event on the African cultural calendar.  Sauti za Busara brings people together in celebration ‘Different Colours, One People’. The festival unites people through music in spite of different cultures, political and religious backgrounds.

Busara Promotions values and appreciates Tanzania as one of the world’s most peaceful countries. With 2015 being election year in Tanzania, the NGO believes for national development to continue unhindered, we need to strengthen unity, respect for diversity, and work to preserve and protect this precious peace. As the award-winning musician Baaba Maal from Senegal says, ‘The way to world peace lies in music and its power to bring people together.’

Whilst bringing together diverse artists and audiences in celebration of African music, Sauti za Busara is hosting a competition, with cash prizes as studio recording fees awarded for the best Songs for Peace. Festival director, Yusuf Mahmoud says “Sauti za Busara 2015 festival will help to promote peace using music; whereby 15 local groups, alongside visiting international artists will voice messages of peace, unity and solidarity in their performances. Hopefully this will come across loud and clear,” 

Tanzanian artists in the competition include Leo Mkanyia, Msafiri Zawose, Mohamed Ilyas, Culture Musical Club, Zee Town Sojaz, Ifa Band, Mgodro Group, Mabantu Africa, Tunaweza Band and many more. The Songs for Peace competition is sponsored by Busara Promotions, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

The Songs for Peace competition takes place at Sauti za Busara festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar between 4:00pm on Thursday 12th and 8:00pm on Sunday 15 February 2015. The competition is open to residents of Tanzania, or people of Tanzanian descent. All Tanzanian groups participating in the festival are invited to compose a special song on the theme of peace and unity, and to perform this song during their festival sets. Cash prizes shall be awarded for producing professional studio recordings of the most creative songs: 4m/- TSh (1st Prize), 3m/- TSh (2nd Prize) and 2m/- TSh (3rd Prize).




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