Songbird: Love in the age of Covid-23

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: February 26, 2021  

It’s 2024 and the pandemic has gotten worse. Yikes! The virus has now mutated and has a mortality rate of 56%. You can die 48 hours after contracting it. Covid-23 is causing havoc all over the world claiming more than 100 million lives  and lockdowns are now more stringent.

From the trailer of Songbird, the only people who seem to leave their homes are the uncreatively named “Immunies,” who are immune to the virus and are identified by bio-coded yellow bracelets and all seem to work as couriers. 

Nico is one of them. He lives in pandemic ravaged Los Angeles that’s under martial law and no one is allowed to leave their houses if they don’t have the highly coveted bracelet. 

Nico is in love with popular Instagram songstress May. They’ve never met in real life but they’ve developed a strong relationship over the app during lockdown. Awww.

Their love is put to the test when Sara’s grandma gets the virus and when the Health officials find out, they plan to come for both of them and admit them to the dreaded government quarantine facility. Nico makes a desperate bid to steal his girlfriend and her grandma out of the city.

It’s a race against time and a villainous state. I feel like Songbird is going to embolden conspiracy theorists who’ve been thirsty for this type of situation.

This dystopian film was spawned from an idea in March that got the green light in May before a shoot in July and now you can get a fright by getting your tickets from KenyaBuzz.

About the author

Maureen Kasuku

Maureen is our resident cat lady and Beyoncé stan. She writes about spas, brunch and ballet recitals but has never been to any. Moonlights as a social justice activist in her spare time. She knows things and is obnoxiously opinionated on the internet but not in real life


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