Social Distancing? Podcasts to Listen to.

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Posted: April 02, 2020

Had enough of the endless scrolling on Instagram and Facebook, and already getting bored with Netflix? Why not try something new and jump on the podcast bandwagon. The following podcasts are free and easy to access.  They cover a range of topics, from science to relationships. They’re entertaining, and most importantly, educational. To help you through these social distancing days, we’ve rounded up a few to keep you entertained and informed amid the Covid-19 chaos.

Books: Literary Friction

If you’ve been busy for the longest time and haven’t been reading enough, this is in an ideal podcast. Do you like audiobooks? Literary Friction has you covered. The monthly podcast has been around for close to a decade. Hosted by literary agent Carrie Pitt and writer and academic Octavia Bright, they discuss authors, share book recommendations, and have lively discussions built around a certain theme.

Music: Afropop Worldwide

Our continent’s versatility in music is understated. If your knowledge in African music is limited to Gengetone and Daudi Kabaka, Afropop Worldwide will broaden your horizons. Here, you’ll experience sounds of Africa, the West Indies and the Americas in a beautiful blend of songs you’ve never heard of, alongside artist interviews and stories.

Crime: Morning cup of Murder

Everyone likes a little thrill in their lives. If true crime documentaries fascinate you, then you’ll love this podcast. Morning cup of Murder has daily podcasts and each episode is under 20 minutes. It’s got all the creepy stuff. Cults, abductions, disappearances…. the whole shebang! Hear tales of crimes that happened on that day in history. They often interview cops and journalists. Never a dull moment.

Comedy: Best Friends

This hilarious podcast by two best friends explores the complexities of adult friendships. Hosts Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata offer listeners advice on everything under the sun. Navigating life with your friends when it comes to each other’s relationships, careers, parenthood, breakups, fashion and everything else in between. These two ladies broadcast twice a week. Listen to their older podcasts here. Highly recommend Episode 3: Nicole Gets hit on.

Motivational: The Science of Success

If you’re lacking in the motivation department (like many of us), and you need some inspiration to get that project started, listen to this podcast. This weekly podcast hosted by Matt Bodnar is where Science meets psychology. Guests range from neuropsychologists to successful entrepreneurs to sleuths and Indian gurus.  The objective of the show is to get you introspecting about your life choices, the potential for growth in all aspects of your life and how to become a better version of yourself.

Parenting: The Parenting Roundabout Podcast

Raising kids means you’re faced with new and unexpected situations daily. No one has the manual for parenting. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. Here’s a podcast that’ll help you learn from other parents and childhood development experts. The Parenting Roundabout podcast. This weekly podcast delves into issues parents are talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about right now.

Science: The Naked Scientists

Science aficionados, if you need your science fix and are not in the mood to read volumes of journals, The Naked Scientists has you covered. This one-hour podcast brought to you by the BBC is educational, funny and will keep you engaged.  It explores the line between science, human experiences and philosophy. Listeners send in questions from a wide range of topics and some of the best scientists from across the board give answers. It’s pretty cool.  


Here are some of our favourite homegrown podcasts here in Kenya.

Sex and Relationships: The Spread

Hosted by former radio personality Kaz Lucas, this podcast discusses all the sex topics you never had the guts to bring up in everyday conversations. Nothing is taboo. Listeners can call in to discuss their relationships and how to find love as a millennial. Guests have included sexologists, marriage counselors and even escorts! If you’re looking for something salacious, this is it.

Masculinity: Just another Male Podcast

Just another male podcast is a fortnightly podcast that focuses on the everyday Kenyan man.  Hosted by funnyman Martie and social media personality Chege, JAMP, as it’s popularly known, lets the listener in on what it’s like being a young Kenyan man in contemporary society. Everything is up for discussion. From careers to politics to the old age question: Does size matter?

Feminism: Afracanah

Nomusa and Adedana are two Kenyan ladies based in the diaspora. However, their weekly podcast is all about African women and more specifically, Kenyan women. Topics are feminist related. Everything from relationships, education, workplace dynamics and also light-hearted topics like fashion and partying are up for discussion. This dynamic duo also invites listeners to join the chat. If you’re all about women empowerment, this is the podcast for you. Enjoy!



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