Single Dad: Will Nicolas Lose Custody of his Nieces?

Article by Flora
Posted: August 20, 2020

Nicolas has been taking care of his three nieces after their parents passed away in an unfortunate car accident. As expected, it has not been easy for him to adjust to life as a father, having such a huge responsibility of raising three girls. He is having difficulty trying to understand and discipline the girls, as they adapt to their new way of life.

Unfortunately, childcare services are already on Nicolas’s tail. They sent an officer to conduct an investigation on whether Nicolas is the right person to take care of the girls. If he fails, they will take the children away and put them up for adoption. Added to this, Nicolas lost his job at the hotel after the owner was dissatisfied with his services and fired him.

With the threat of losing his nieces, Nicolas is facing a difficult situation. His neighbor and previous nemesis, Victoria has been helping him deal with the problems he is facing. She has become someone that Nicolas can lean on and she might just be the person who helps him overcome the current crisis.

Will Nicolas lose the custody of his nieces? Keep watching Single Dad on Citizen TV, every day at 8:00 pm to find out.

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