Singer Akoth Jumadi Gushes Over New EP, Ere Yo

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: November 17, 2020  

Fast rising songstress Akoth Jumadi recently dropped her new EP titled “Ere Yo”. The EP provides a wholesome journey about her life and narration of various experiences through her lenses.

Describing herself as “an architect of the future”, Jumadi crafts her ethereal, dulcet sound with honeyed vocals and multi-instrumental talent bound to enthrall you as she weaves together Luo folk, afro soul, tribal fusion, jazz, taraab, benga, reggae, and hip-hop genres all in one playlist.

KenyaBuzz caught up with Jumadi to talk about her music journey thus far, the process of making “Ere Yo” and what else she has planned.

KenyaBuzz: Hi Jumadi, thank you for granting us this interview. First things first, how long have you been in the game, and how has the music journey been so far?

Hi KenyaBuzz, I am glad to be here. I’ve been around for close to five years now. Started out as a singer, doing covers in restaurants and small events. After a long time of doing that, I wanted to tell my own stories and make music that I was drawn to. So, I picked up different instruments over the years and became a musician in my own right. It has been a long crazy journey with a lot of experiences but all in all, it has been good.

KenyaBuzz: Growing up, did you always aspire to be an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist. I grew up around music and artistry from records my dad would play and instrumentation from different types of music. At some point, I made the conscious decision that music was what I wanted to do and have never looked back. I dreamt of being in huge stages and playing at festivals. That has been possible so far.

KenyaBuzz: And of course, you have a new EP out, “Ere Yo”, which is an absolute phenomenon. Tell us about the thought process and inspiration behind it

“Ere yo” is a collection of stories and experiences of a younger me as I transitioned into adulthood. It is a story of love found, love lost, search for truth and honesty, awakening and a closer look into our community and the relationship we build around it.

The EP was recorded over a period of about three and four months in Kisumu which was a great inspiration. I wanted to tell a story with a light melody and instrumentation. A lot of my friends whom I’d known for a while came through to assist in different ways, and I’m forever grateful to my producer Brian Robin. It blesses me.

KenyaBuzz: How has the general reception been to this rare breed of music?

Being my first body of work, I am amazed by the feedback I’ve received so far. “Ere Yo” is my gift to every creative out there struggling to find grounding or just needs good music for healing. It feels good to just finally have it out and for fans to experience the fruits of my work.

KenyaBuzz: Any new projects fans can expect from you this year, your last word to them?

I am currently in talks and in studio with some amazing creatives doing amazing stuff for sure. I’m also working on doing more collaborations.

My parting shot, follow your heart’s desires, bank on it, work on it, sharpen your skills, and be ready when destiny comes calling.

Listen to Jumadi’s ‘Ere Yo’ EP available on major digital platforms. See the track list below.


Lini Utapenya

Saa Kalo

Ere Yo



Nyar Nam

Iwala Wala


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