Sin Tu Mirada: Will Marina Lose Rafael?

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: September 20, 2019

Marina faces a new threat of losing her child. Doctor Isauro had reappeared in her life after a long while to lay claim Marina’s son Rafael. He hopes to force Marina to end her relationship with doctor Bazan and go with him once he gains custody of his son.

With the situation, Marina has been forced to accept Alberto’s help and finally prove the baby’s paternity. Marina had refused to take a DNA test before to prove to Alberto that he was the father of her son; an issue that made them break up. With Isauro’s lawsuit though, Marina has no option but to do it. This presents a good opportunity to clarify the paternity of her son and Alberto will finally get what he has been asking for.

With Isauro’s schemes however, the DNA result might end up in his favor and show that he is Rafael’s father. Do you think Isauro will be able to take Marina’s son away?

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