Sin Tu Mirada: Marina Can See

Sin Tu Mirada: Marina Can See

Marina was born blind and her character has been a source of great inspiration that proves  one can be able to live normally even with a disability. She was able to help her mother Damiana with her herb business, recognizing different plants by smell and texture. She also managed to get a diploma by learning braille.

When she first met Alberto, he sort to help her see by taking her to Doctor Bazan, an eye specialist in Mexico City. Marina however has to follow up with the doctor after breaking up with Alberto and the kind doctor agreed to operate on her. The procedure was successful but things are not as easy for Marina with her new ability to see.

Marina is having a hard time recognizing objects, gauging distances and stumbles more than she did when she was blind. She has had to undergo sight therapy to learn how to see. It is quite intriguing to see the plot develop in such a way as often times other shows make it seem like someone who recovers from a disability is able to use their new senses right away. Fortunately, we are now able to see a more realistic progress as Marina discovers life anew with her sight.

What do you feel about Marina’s newfound ability to see?




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