Sin Tu Mirada: Marina and Alberto Break Up

Sin Tu Mirada: Marina and Alberto Break Up

Marina and Alberto have broken up. This follows a series of complications after Marina found out she was pregnant. Doctor Isauro had harassed Marina before so Alberto could not handle the possibility of the child not being his. He asked Marina for a paternity test but Marina asked him to trust her.

Marina could not handle Alberto rejecting their child so she ran away from him. Alberto looked for Marina for months and eventually found her. He was hoping to rekindle things with her but the child’s paternity was still in doubt. Added to this, they also found out that Marina’s surname was misspelt in their marriage certificate was making their marriage invalid.

Even after months spent apart, the two could not seem to reconcile their differences about the child. They therefore decided to break up and Marina is left to take care of the baby by herself. Who do you think is to blame for the break up? Should Marina agree to have the paternity of the child tested to settle Alberto’s doubts?




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