Sin Tu Mirada: Marina Accepts Ricardo’s Courtship

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 01, 2019  

It has been hard for Marina to accept another man’s advances after her split from Alberto and the traumatic experience that she had with Doctor Isauro. She is however giving herself a chance at love again by accepting Ricardo.

Ricardo was the doctor who operated on Marina and helped her gain her sight. During Marina’s recovery, he allowed her stay at his house and his feelings for her began to develop. He took the courage to confess to Marina but she fled from there, leaving him baffled as to why she had behaved that way. Marina even rejected the job that he offered in order to stay away from him. She eventually explained why she reacted that way to his advances and Ricardo decided not to pursue her in order to help her wounds heal.

Marina took up Ricardo’s offer to work as a receptionist for him at the hospital, the same one where Alberto works. Ricardo thought the two would resolve the issues they had but it soon became clear that they would not get back together. Alberto is now dating Lucrecia and still refuses to acknowledge Marina’s son. The situation ended up favoring Ricardo and his patience paid off since Marina agreed to let him court her.

Do you think Ricardo and Marina will end up together?


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