Should I Lose Weight for My Boyfriend?

Article by Love Matters
Posted: September 16, 2020  

I am desperate. I am slightly overweight and my boyfriend told me that if I don’t lose weight he will leave me and I’ll never hear from him again. That broke my heart. I have been thinking of using slimming pills that can help me reduce faster but I don’t know if they can be helpful or dangerous. Please help me!

Oh dear, such sentiments from a loved one are not only hurtful but also heartbreaking. What complicates matters more is the emotional attachment that clouds judgment and therefore your confusion.

I am aware that you are asking if pills are helpful or dangerous. First, however, I hope your boyfriend is not tired of the relationship and is using your weight as an excuse. Guys are notoriously dodgy when they want to break up with a girl. So don’t be surprised if after losing weight he might come up with a new demand.

What has made the weight an issue now? Please don’t let him define you by your looks; remember the ‘I am not my hair’ song by India Arie? You are a lot more than just weight; what about your great personality, wit, and charm that attracted him to you in the first place?

Now back to the weight loss pills. First and foremost let’s agree that you are losing weight for you and not for him or anyone else. You should do it because of the health benefits of a trimmer you.

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