Shopping Habits to Adopt in 2016

Shopping Habits to Adopt in 2016

Shopping Habits to Adopt in 2016 Kenya
The new year is upon us and you know what that means, Time to talk strategy. Of Course part of your resolution is to change your wardrobe. But without a plan, you will end up jumping into any great deal that comes your way. This means that your wallet will grow slimmer as the year progresses which will drag  down investment plans you had for the year.
It’s about time we established shopping routines and habits  to set up for a financially successful year. We mostly end up  splurging on clothing, here is a guide to spending less. 

Have a plan
You will Always purchase more than you really need if you do not have a list of things you need. Have the strength not to succumb to temptation of buying items your eyes spot on the racks. When you have your list ready, it will be easy to know what you need and prioritise the most important to the least important.

Compare prices
Never make the decision to purchase in haste, Always compare prices thoroughly. A shilling saved can go a very long way. Hasty purchases may lead to skipping significant details about an Item. You will therefore end up with items you don’t use or low quality.

Avoid Emotional spending
Stressed, happy bored? Never make a decision in the heat of the moment! Experts believe that retail therapy can help boost one’s mood and reduce anxiety but how much good will it do to your bank account? Always give yourself time to think about  your purchase so that you review your budget.

Buy Items that will stand the test of time
Always consider the long run! Nothing beats high quality products with good fabric. This might cost you more Money but end up serving you for years. If you compare price and quality for each purchase you make then  it will be easy to cut corners where you think it is unimportant purchase.

Shop discount online stores
Online stores like Kaymu Always have amazing deals especially on significant holidays like Valentines day and  Easter. Always look out for best deals and shop in bulk.

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