‘Shameless’ Series Review: Meet the Blatant Gallaghers

Article by The Editor
Posted: March 24, 2016  

There’s no other series that is befitting of its title like ‘Shameless’. The show is as shameless as they come. But you know what, there’s a good enough reason as to why Shameless is still running – the audience cannot get enough of it.

Let’s get to the facts. Shameless is about a struggling WHITE family from a white ghetto area. It’s comprised of 6 kids with their absent/addict of a mother and their drunkard father. They all comprise of the Gallaghers, with Fiona as the oldest child.

It’s all about family – the crazy moments that families go through ranging from death, jail, drugs, money issues, pregnancies – really, the list goes on and on. It’s also PG rated with violence, sex and graphic language as the main themes of the show. The reason that viewers connect with ‘Shameless’ is because it shows the rawness of how people struggle with money matters and relationships.

The Gallaghers also know how to hustle and when to have a good time, especially with their long-time friends/ neighbours Veronica and Kevin, who own the shittiest bar in town. The series has the ability to make you evolve with the characters as the seasons go by, up until they begin to change. It’s also hard to pick a favourite character, as they are all equally good, ranging from the Russian whore working at Kevin’s bar to the closeted gay who’s the supposed bad wolf of the hood.

‘Shameless’ will leave you in reams of laughter, open up your way of thinking and leave your most shameful moments at a loss for words.

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