Settle This One : Lady Gaga Vs. Sia

Settle This One : Lady Gaga Vs. Sia

These two song birds are well known for their amazing voices as well as well as their queer sense of fashion with Lady Gaga wearing an actual meat suit on stage and Sia's tendency to have extraordinarily long bangs to cover her face during her live performances- not forgetting the kid gymnasts with the bob cut/banged Dalmatian wigs who are seen in most of her videos and live performances.

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In as much as their styles are questionable they undoubtedly have talent but if you were given the chance to choose between the two, who would be your best? Sia also happens to be a song writer and has composed hit songs for major artists such as Beyonce (Pretty Hurts) and Rihanna (Diamond), these two songs did not come as much of a shocker to me because the lyrics and style of song are a complete replica of Sia's style. Lady Gaga also happens to be a killer songwriter and is responsible for Quicksand by Britney Spears and Fever by Adam Lambert.

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Here's a list of hit songs by the two that you can have a listen to as you cast your vote on who the  better artist is so the tie can finally be broken:

Lady Gaga

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1. Poker Face

This was probably amongst the initial songs you heard when you first heard of her. It's such a fun song to listen to when you're stuck in traffic:

2. Million Reasons

Her vocal abilities are displayed perfectly in this particular song, I particularly loved her performance in this year's Victoria Secret show:

3. Born This Way

This song appealed most to the LGBTQ community and was a major hit because of the message it brought across of being proud of who you are.


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1.The Greatest

Majority of Sia's songs are very emotional but this one is the perfect motivational somg to add to your playlist, she also did a remix with Kendrick Lamar:

2. She-Wolf

This song kind of makes you wonder what you did wrong in life to be denied such a beautiful voice like Sia's. Her vocals in this one are stunning and more so, wanting:

3. Elastic Heart

Yes, you may have to Google the lycrics to the song because of her switch in tones but hey, that doesn't stop the song from being super amazing!




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