Series Review: Power: Kiesha’s Dead, Now What Next?

Article by Ian Munene
Posted: October 23, 2019  

“They say this is a big rich town, I just come from the poorest part.”

The intro to the TV series that has become etched in nearly every viewers heart is a narrow window that opens up into grand scheme of things that have made this television series tick: drugs, deception, crime, love, family ties, greed, respect and to cap it all up power.

Lets not focus on the controversies of the theme song change in episode 6. Lets focus on the shows direction. Shall we?

The story of humble beginnings for two drug dealers and their rise to become not only the biggest drug lords in the city and their struggle to remain under the cover of secrecy is nothing short of a beautifully drawn game of strategy and deception, and we have Courtney A. Kemp together with Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) to thank for that.

Having read this far, I want to believe you have sat through part of the hit crime TV series; so we will fast forward to season 6 of this riveting drama, a season that has come to be known as the “final betrayal” coming as a confirmation that the end is here. A realization that comes against a wave of hope that maybe, just maybe the TV series may be renewed for another season.

The final betrayal, a title decorated with so much anxiety complements the recent wave of deaths that have rocked the TV series since episode five, that saw Kanan (50Cent) get murdered, and consequently Angella Valdez (Ghost’s long time lover who was killed by Tommy), Proctor ( a well-placed city attorney that seemed to clean up Ghost’s dirty deeds who was killed by Tommy) and finally LaKiesha (Tommys girlfriend who was killed by Tasha St. Patrick) only to mention the high tier characters whose murders carried enough weight to change the course of the show.

As an ardent fun, I almost feel like the show is preparing for the end, like they are cutting down on the number of characters with an end goal in mind. Something I would not have made peace with if I knew that there was a chance in hell that the show might continue past the sixth season but having made peace with the imminent end of the show then it almost feels like clearing the pawns off this chess board before the final brawl goes down. Lets admit it comes with a degree of adrenaline and expectation.

Of course, like with everything close to your heart, no end comes as a fitting end, the end always feels a bit rushed; like a lot of loose ends will blow in the winds. Tariq Ghost’s son, who character has been continually growing over the last 5 seasons before this one building towards him becoming better in the drug game than his father ever was, might just circle the drain in this abrupt end despite his mother offering to show him the string of the game. Dre’s (Rotimi) character, the underdog who has always wanted to make his impact on the drug game despite fail after fail may also drown to this abrupt end. Also whether Counsel Man Tate will win the election and get to run the city also comes with its fair share of uncertainty should recent controversies around his campaign be anything to go by. This are dots we just want to to see joint at the end it all. Also let the record reflect that a spin off to the TV show is a very welcome idea!

So who do I think will be the remaining pieces at the end of all this chaos?

In my opinion, Tommy and Ghost and the authorities will face it out at the end, I cannot really tell who the last man standing or who will do slow time or who will come out smelling like a rose but with all the battle lines that have been drawn in the first half of the 15 episodes of season 6; I can only foretell of the fierceness that will come at the end of it all.

Having been one of the most riveting TV shows to have graced TV this decade, it comes as no surprise that the end spells anxiety and a feeling of fear of the unknown for the legion of loyal audience that the show has garnered over its run on air. Should recent developments in the twist be anything to go by, then the end is near, not the end we expected but still a valid end nonetheless. An end that promises to be so nostalgically rooted in the minds of as many people as ever sat through one episode and in a downhill turn of events became believers/fans of this high adrenaline television series.


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