“Secretos De Villanas”, Your Favorite Villains in One Show!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 29, 2022  

Secretos De Villanas (Villain’s Secrets) is a new reality show by Canela TV. The show will feature some the most iconic soap opera villains, which will include Aylín Mújica, Cynthia Klitbo, Gabriela Spanic, Geraldine Bazán, Sabine Moussier and Sarah Mintz (formerly Maritza Rodriguez). The actresses have never worked together but they have delighted viewers with some of the most memorable villain characters on Televison. Some of the shows they are credited for include La Usurpadora, Hijas De La Luna, Corazon Valiente and La Malquerida

To film the Secretos De Villainas, the actresses will take a vacation on vacation to Los Cabos, Baja California. They will be staying in a luxurious villa with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. This is where they will have fun together as well as share secrets about their life as actors and the iconic villain characters they are known for.

When people see me, they think I’m like my characters. I have had a big problem in my life, I am not what my villains are and this is a good opportunity for you to get to know Aylín Mujica for real, the girl who left Cuba to eat the world. I’m not a mankiller…”, said Aylin Mujica when asked why she agreed to join the show.

Who are your favorite villains from the show?

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