Second Season Hidden Passion in the Works

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 29, 2020  

Colombian hit telenovela, Hidden Passion (Pasion de Gavilanes) might have a second season! Telemundo produced the show in 2003 staring Mario Cimarro, Danna Garcia, Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klaus, Michel Brown and Paola Rey.

Talks of a second season have been around since early this year. The show would follow up on the epic love story between the Reyes brothers and Elizondo sisters. Michel Brown who played the role of Franco Reyes seems to have confirmed the rumors according to an article by People Espanol. He however refused to reprise his role in the telenovela, saying, ” I decided not to do it. It seems to me that everyone is the owner of their decisions. It gives me the impression that it was a very successful project and I am in favor that things must be left behind, that is, how to know how to enjoy them and get that juice out of them. You have to let things go more so when they are so successful, connect with other stories. I carry it in my heart but there are more stories to tell.”

The telenovela’s cast previously made headlines after Danna Garcia revealed there was rivalry among the cast in the past and she had a difficult time filming the show. Even so, other actors such as Mario Cimarro and Natasha Klaus have expressed willingness to reprise their roles in their story.

Would you like to see a continued version of Hidden Passion?


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