Say It Ain’t So! NTSA Comes for Little Shuttle & SWVL

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: October 01, 2019

The National Safety and Transport Authority (NTSA) has blacklisted our fave bus hailing companies Swvl and Little Shuttle for ”violating operation rules”.

In a heartfelt email to customers, Little’s CEO Kamal Budhabhatti announced that the company was temporarily halting its mass transit services. “Few days before we got a communication from the authorities that we are not allowed to Hail a shuttle on Little,” read Kamal’s email.

Reason for this, well, turns out Little Shuttle and Swvl are not registered to perform public transport duties in this manner.

The Authority in undertaking its mandate noted that Little Shuttle and SWVL operate vehicles contrary to the provisions of the PSV Regulations. The vehicles under these hailing app companies have acquired Tours Service License (TSL) but are engaging in commuter service within Nairobi, therefore, contravening the terms of the Tour Service License (TSL)”. Said Director General Francis Meja in a press statement

Now, Little & SWVL have come through for Kenyans with their efficient services and this is upsetting tweeps

Could this be a ploy by ‘matatu cartles’ to frustrate these services?

Well, Matatu Welfare Association chairman Dickson Mbugua said “We have forwarded this matter to the relevant authorities, including the infrastructure ministry. We have a multi-agency stakeholders meeting and stoping them will be the top agenda,” he said.

Whew! We can never have nice things around here it seems

What do you think of this move by NTSA

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