Sauti Sol Gives Back To The Kids

Sauti Sol Gives Back To The Kids

Sauti Sol Performing at the ISK 40th Anniversary

The International School of Kenya celebrated their 40th anniversary on August 17th; at the event they announced their partnership with Sauti Sol to create the Soma Soma Initiative. Among those in attendance were US Ambassador to Kenya Robert F.Godec, Sara Hradecky High Commissioner – designate High Commission of Canada, Mr. John Sibi Okumu, Mr Martin Openda and Sauti Sol.

Remember when the government decided that we did not need Music or Arts & Crafts? I was absolutely devastated! I even resulted to rereading my class 2 and 3 Arts & Crafts textbooks just so I can satisfy my craving for artsy activities.

I can proudly say I take after my mother as she is the DIY queen. In fact, my siblings and I inherited our love for crafts from her. She’d buy us the materials we needed to create our crafts; beads, glue, scissors, knitting kits and so on. She was our Arts & Crafts teacher but I don’t think she even realized how much of a gap she filled.

So as Sauti Sol mashed up with the International School of Kenya to launch the Soma Soma Initiative, it touched my soul.

I asked Polycarp (one of the band members) who had absolutely impressed the crowd with his guitar skills how he acquired his skills. He learnt how to play from the church choir, watching lots of YouTube videos and so on. In short he had to bend over backwards and forward to master his talent.

We can’t all be Scientists and Biologists. We need diversity in every community and no one wants to do what they don’t like. But we can’t blame the system and do nothing.

Sometimes we fail to recognize and encourage talent, and for many of us, unlike Polycarp, fail to be masters of our skills. To be reasonable, talent needs resources to be fully tapped; it needs financing. My mum bought me beads, Polycarp probably saved up to acquire his first guitar. Talented individuals in this country go against all odds to sharpen their skills in the arts. This, despite the complete lack of support from our education system.

These talents need to be cultivated with some words of encouragement and belief from those who are concerned. And if you want to be a part of a movement that is making a change, Sauti Sol and ISK have a plan for you.

We're very delighted to be partnering with ISK to expand service learning. @somasomainitiative

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