Sauti Sol Driving Women Mad…Literally: “Nishike” Music Review

Sauti Sol Driving Women Mad…Literally: “Nishike” Music Review

After wondering why Kenya’s favourite boy band had gone silent since the year began, Bien, Delvin, Polycarp and Chimano are back again! Last week, the band released a brand new steamy video titled “Nishike”. They had clearly been hitting the gym hard the few months they were away. Where do I even start with this one? (Sips water).

I got to the office early on the morning they released it and the women in the office could not get enough after watching it over and over. I got to it as fast as I arrived and oh my goodness! Let’s say I was not expecting what I saw. “Nishike” means touch me. Directed by Enos Olik, its theme is self explanatory, all about love making.

Sauti Sol unleashed an animal that had never been seen before on Kenyan television. As usual, Bien-Aime is the leading man. What you see next, I guarantee will leave your mouth open. Imagine a confident, shirtless, buffed, hot Bien-Aime. Yes, it’s all about the abs! He blends all this with African printed pants and golden jewellery. His intro then paves way for multiple shots of him frolicking with a model and the other members follow. All shirtless, each frolicking with a sexily dressed model.

This love song has suggestive images and all the actions going on tell it all. All movements are sexually suggestive and this drew an online battle. Other people’s opinions are that Sauti Sol decided to shoot a pornography video, while the ladies couldn’t just get enough with almost all heading to their social media pages to state how they were drooling over the band. Some are calling it the “thirst” anthem. For others, it was time to hit the gym as the boys had raised the bar too high. I spotted Citizen’s Willis Raburu’s tweet as he hilariously stated “After watching @Sautisol #Nishike video….The pressure is real.. #gym”.

However, as much as the quality is great, some of the ideas were “borrowed” from Na Na by Trey Songz. I do not get why they had to considering their success is based on their creativity, originality and talent. The song as usual killed it but the video made most fans not listen to it at first. Ask someone to watch it then try asking for the rhythm. They really don’t know, do they? The vocals are perfect, the instrumentals are great, video keeps you glued and yes, the men have great sex appeal.

“Nishike” is currently not being aired on TV and the only station playing it is KISS TV. I do not understand why on earth some people are pretending that the video is too raunchy. Our local stations play worse international videos. We’d rather air raunchy US and Jamaican dancehall videos than our own. A sexy video doesn’t mean its pornography. Personally, I love it!

Sauti Sol have done it yet again. It feels like they have no competition. They have reached the peak and there’s really nowhere to go from there. I wonder what else they have in store for us in this much anticipated third album. Dear Sauti Sol, I do not mind watching your hot shirtless selves again soon. Sincerely, forever a die-hard fan!

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