‘Samurai Jack’ Review: Jack Is Back, Ridden With Fear, Anxiety & PTSD 

‘Samurai Jack’ Review: Jack Is Back, Ridden With Fear, Anxiety & PTSD 

Samurai Jack was a favorite of many millennials growing up. It was in my opinion one of the best shows that Cartoon Network ever put out and seemed like it was way ahead of its time. The show is however back for its fifth season, after a 13-year hiatus, on Adult Swim.  

On Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack was primarily a kids’ show that adults could enjoy watching if they wanted, but the new Jack isn’t about that life. The new season is full of violence, adult themes and PTSD mysteries that surround Jack. 

Daughters of Aku /via IMDB

The first episode opens with the strange birth of Aku’s daughters. 7 warriors born from his darkness with one purpose; kill the samurai! Duh! Aku’s daughters are just as human as our dear Jack, which already is a huge departure from the original use of robots and other ‘lifeless’ entities that the show would use as antagonists in the first four seasons. So get ready to substitute metal and gallons of oil for ‘real’ cartoon flesh and blood in battle sequences between Jack and his enemies.

Jack having an episode /via IMDB

Jack spends most of the episode getting flashbacks of his dead parents and villagers blaming him for their demise and how he’s forgotten his ‘purpose’. A very dark undertone for kids but a rather thrilling one for an older audience. He’s trying to live through his PTSD and this has made him even more of a recluse than he already was. Like his demons keep reminding him, he’s lost his ‘purpose’, and his sword by the way after a gruesome show down with Aku that we see in one of the flashbacks. 

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Speaking of Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness is gone. Not dead gone, just gone gone. He retreated into the shadows a long time ago and has taken a back seat to trying to destroy the samurai’s life. And this is why his followers believe that the daughters of Aku will help bring their ‘master of evil’ dad back by killing Jack.

Jack /via IMDB

The new season of Samurai Jack definitely brings back some good ‘ol nostalgia. And don’t worry, the iconic Will.I.Am song is still featured in the show. It’s been moved to the end credits but hey, it’s better than not being featured at all right? If you loved the original Cartoon Network Samurai Jack, you will love this one, after all, it was rebooted just for you. Sword or no sword, PTSD or calm mind, Jack is still a formidable force and still has space in our hearts for new episodes of his kick-ass show.  

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