Veere di Wedding: The Ultimate Chick Flick

Veere di Wedding: The Ultimate Chick Flick

It is about time that such a modern woman eccentric film came out. Ladies, over 18 years you are probably dealing with some of these issues and you must watch this one.

The Rundown

The story is about 4 girlfriends who are at different points of their lives after leaving high school and now 20 years on, one of them is going to get married.

The wedding brings out each one of their issues and it is a time to face them head on and move on.


The fashion in the film is exceptional. The four actresses Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania look cool, beautiful and trendy.

Yes you get the Sex and City glimpses, but they adopted the theme in a very subtle style because let’s face most of us who are fans of that sitcom have enacted one or two scenes from there.

The film’s pace is fast and you don’t get bored watching any melodrama, they stick to the point.

The audience gasps when probably the first time on Indian silver screen they show a dildo. There are going to be many shocking revelations that society keeps hush, so watch the film with a very open mind, especially if you are too busy hiding or keeping the aunties happy instead of yourself or your family.


Can’t think of any, these girls rocked the film!

What did you think?




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