‘The Queen’s Corgi’ Movie Review: Extremely Dissapointing

‘The Queen’s Corgi’ Movie Review: Extremely Dissapointing

For the love of animation -Oliver Nash

The Rundown

‘The Queen’s Corgi’ provides an overview of how the British monarch’s dog, Rex (Jack Whitehall) found his way inside the royal palace. He ends up being the queen’s (Julie Walters) favorite corgi, receiving the ‘top dog’ commendation.

His adventure begins when he escapes from the palace –and betrayed- immediately getting lost, with only a group of locked up stray dogs to rely on. Forced to find his way back to his favorite monarch, Rex begins an epic journey of true love and discovering his true self.

The Hits

• Animated Donald (John Culshaw) and Melania (Debra Stephenson) Trump’s visit to the royal palace and their overly dramatic shenanigans was impeccable.

• Where Rex attempts to save the love of his life, from a dog bully.

The Misses

• The storyline for this movie was very predictable which made it awfully boring.

OMG Moment
When Rex’s best friend, Charlie (Matt Lucas) betrays him for the ‘top dog’ recognition.

Movie Courtesy of Westgate Cinema

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