‘Creed II’ Movie Review: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

‘Creed II’ Movie Review: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

A stirring drama that packs a punch - Nuru Bahashwan

The Rundown
Director, Steven Caple Jr. did a number on this dramatic film full of spite, challenges and hope. This Creed sequel  sees Michael B. Jordan reprise his role as Adonis Creed and Sylvester Stalone as Rocky. It’s a trip back to memory lane when former Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren killed Adonis’ father. This emotional film is solely about the fight to uphold reputation and most importantly, the title of the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Hits

• The fight scenes are extremely realistic. You literally feel every jab Michael B. Jordan gets.

• Soundtrack. Soundtrack. Soundtrack.

• Although there is a serious case of spitefulness, you will still find humor in the film.

The Misses

• What misses?

My OMG Moment
When I found out who Ivan Drago’s son really is.

This movie is courtesy of Westgate Cinema.

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