‘Cleaning Up’ Series Review: Not your Ordinary Cleaning Ladies

‘Cleaning Up’ Series Review: Not your Ordinary Cleaning Ladies

An entertaining concept with poor execution

Jacqueline Kendi

The Rundown

A gambling addicted, single mother Sam(Sheridan Smith) finds a loophole in the finance firm she works in as a cleaner. She gets inside information that helps her and her two colleagues trade in shares and earn extra good money. She finds herself in a con situation that almost ends her life.

The Hits;

  • Sheridan Smith executed her role perfectly.
  • When Sam plays the role of Nancy-a rich CFO, she looks absolutely stunning.
  • You can’t help but root for the three ladies.
  • They managed to focus on tough issues ie; gambling, divorce, adultery and still make the series entertaining.

The Misses;

  • The other actors weren’t that much entertaining, the effort was close to nil.
  • It only has six episodes.
  • The focus was much on the gambling addiction rather than the insider trading concept.

OMG Scene:

When Nancy went to meet Swanny and Frances walks in.

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