Reel News: Kyallo Kulture

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: June 22, 2022  

The appeal of reality TV is undeniable: people are inherently nosey creatures. There’s a vicarious thrill in watching other people live their lives. The reality TV industry in the West is huge and Africa is fast catching up. Driven by unlimited access to public personalities through social media, reality TV is a deep dive of what we see on our feeds and has attracted legions of fans over the years.

No group of sisters in Kenya attract the admiration, curiosity and ire of the country like The Kyallo sisters: Betty, Mercy and Gloria.

The Kyallo sisters have made headlines and been subjects of trending topics on Twitter and other social media platforms. Now, for the first time ever, they are opening up all aspects of their lives in their new reality series Kyallo Kuture, now streaming on Showmax.

 Betty, whose much-publicised marriage to fellow news anchor Dennis Okari ended after only six months, has attracted controversy about her dating life, while Mercy’s has been described as a mysterious mess. And who is Gloria dating? All these questions are answered as the show takes a candid look at what an ideal relationship means for a Kyallo sister.

 Over the 13 weekly episodes, Kyallo Kulture will explore tragic events like Betty’s accident that left her with a crooked smile and scars that impacted her confidence for years. Betty also opens up about parenthood for the very first time and what it means to be in the limelight while nursing a child in the ICU and so much more.

 On the business front, we’ll get to see the sisters in their element as entrepreneurs, with Mercy who is the CEO of Yallo Leather taking us through the journey of setting up her own luxury leather bag business. Betty also shares the true story behind her boutique salon, Flair by Betty, while also shedding more light on why her talk-of-the-town partnership with a friend ended with them as competitors in the same field.

Watch trailer

 Kyallo Kulture is now streaming exclusively on Showmax with new episodes releasing every Friday. Will you be watching or is this a hard pass?


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