Rapper Nicki Minaj Retiring? She Might Be Bluffing. Here’s Why

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 06, 2019

Silicone rapper turned perpetual victim, self-declared black barbie Onika Tanya Maraj AKA Nicki Minaj announced on twitter that she’s retiring from Music to ”start a family” with her felon bae.

The beef loving, female rapper hating Femcee caused a storm on tweeter and her ‘Barbz’ had a glorious meltdown

Here’s why we think Nicki is bluffing and she might be simply dropping an album titled β€œI’m Retiring To Focus On Having A Family”

She’s working on her fifth album

A few months ago, She was onΒ #JimmyFallonΒ and confirmed that she DOES indeed have a 5th album coming out. Which retirement Nicki?? Where??

Cardi B’s Rising Career

Nicki Minaj and her biggest rival Cardi B have been beefing for the longest! It’s been an amazing year for Cardi B. Her album Press was a chart-topper, she won a grammy and Nicki just kept throwing shade. She’s always trying to steal Cardi’s shine. Do you really think she’ll let her be?

She needs to Feed Felon Bae

Her Felon bae is aΒ level two registered sex offenderΒ in New York, which means he’s considered a β€œmoderate risk of repeat offense” and will be required to register as a sex offender for life and can’t work anywhere. So who’s going to bring home the bacon?

Queen Radio Needs Content

Nicki’s Queen RadioΒ has been hella quiet this past few days. Maybe she just needs something to talk about.

In conclusion, I don’t think Nicki is retiring anytime soon.

And if she, is, she did say she would retire with crown. Do you think she had a good run and deserves the ‘crown’?

Will you Miss Petty Minaj or it’s ”Don’t let the door hit ya where the good doctor split ya✌🏾”?


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