Quarantine in Style

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: May 21, 2020  

Quarantine in style

Whether you are working from home or just chilling, fashion is still a way of self-expression and creativity and simple tweaks can help you take your day from meh to amazing. Here are some simple tricks and tips to keep you fashion-forward, looking your best and feeling great too.

Maintain a daily routine

Most if not all of our routines have been drastically thrown off and this may be affecting your mental health. Maintaining a daily routine especially in the morning can give you a sense of control of your day and improve your productivity. Get up at the same time every day, and get ready in the morning as you usually would for a day in the office or at school.

Brush your hair

Working from home may make you neglect your hair. Brush your hair as often as you can as it is basic self-care. You could use your extra time to learn new hair regimes and learn more about your hair. An experiment conducted by Refinery29 proved that not brushing your hair for a week is more likely to make you moody and have a bad self-perception although you may actually look fine.

Wear your basic clothing

Basic clothing like a white button-up shirt or a well-structured blazer goes a long way to make you feel put together and ready to tackle a full day of work. Good basic items are also easier to dress up and therefore cut the time you will require to figure out a good outfit for the day.

Wear some colour

Colour has an effect on our psyche whether we realize it or not. Experts claim that wearing colour instantly improves moods and dull colours act as a security blanket on days you feel a little insecure and un-centered. However, dull colours also have a depressing quality to them that may make you feel even more depressed when you are down. According to Constance Hart, a colour therapy expert, wearing bright colours like red, yellow and blue can make you feel more energetic, adapt to change and even be more creative.


Contrary to popular belief, you should try and accessorize every day and not only on special days. Accessories can make you feel more stylish and confident no matter your style and personality. Minimalist jewellery is the main key to accessorize daily, dainty necklaces and earrings can be the missing items to make your outfit feel complete. Statement jewellery, on the other hand, makes a simple outfit stand out but the key is to make sure your jewellery complements your outfit and not compete with it.


Now you’ve put all that effort into looking good, why not share a selfie with a friend or post your quarantine look on social media.

Photo by Godisable Jacob

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