‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Review: “A” Will Never Die

Article by Levis Ryan
Posted: July 05, 2016  

I feel like I grew up watching this series. Maybe that explains why the characters in the show are all grown now. The show started with the 5 main characters: Alison, Hanna, Spenser, Aria & Emily as little naïve high school freshmen. Now they’re all grown up and working. But life was never rosy for these girls. As season 7 of Pretty Little Liars unfolds, new secrets are coming up as old ones are unveiled.

“A” is the alleged tormentor who’s been threatening the girls for years. It’s been ages since Alison (Sasha Pieterse) came back to Rosewood and she’s now married. Aria (Lucy Hale) works at a publishing firm, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is engaged, Emily (Shay Mitchell) is freezing her eggs and Spenser (Troian Bellisario) is dating Hanna’s ex… drama much? Oh yah, Charlotte, who was A for the longest time ever, is dead. So who’s “A”?

PLL is the type of series that has been replaying its script since episode one, only with different characters, reciting different lines. Everyone dates everyone’s ex, everyone knows each other, dead people miraculously come back to life and someone’s always admitted to an asylum.

Whoever “A” is, they’re extremely smart to keep up with everyone’s secrets literally at all times. Even though PLL is redundant as hell, there’s something that draws you back to the show. Maybe it’s the good acting? Or the love for the 4 main characters?

And although PLL imitates Gossip Girl, one thing’s for sure, however much the seasons keep repeating themselves, I’ll be glued to my screen like paint on walls.


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