‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Review: End of the Road for A.D

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: July 06, 2017  

Season 7 came back bigger and most definitely better. Some people might argue that this season may have had exaggerated twists but for all those who live for the suspense and crave for realistic change in the storyline then this is the season you seriously need to watch.

It took us six painfully long seasons of wondering who A was, and once it was revealed to be Charles (Ali’s very own blood brother), then we are left wondering what else is left for season 7 to unravel.

Five years later after finally finding out who taunting A was, each of the five best friends Aria, Spencer, Hannah, Emily and Alison have grown up and are living a peaceful life in their individual careers.That’s until they find themselves being taunted by yet another bully, this time named A.D.  It’s very interesting to see the careers that each ventured into – most of which were very expected judging from their likes and dislikes from previous seasons, but others are simply appalling.

This season also sees the strong bond that the five friends have being shaken and we even witness one of the five betraying the rest, all because of being blackmailed by the malicious A.D.

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The storyline us given one of the biggest twists of all time, kudos to Oliver Goldstick and Chad Lowe on changing up the whole game. This season we see the genesis of the most unexpected relationships, the most unfortunate tragedies and the entrance of a whole new character that will leave your jaw dropped throughout the hour-long finale.

Get aboard the Pretty Little Liars fan train and get ready for the wildest ride yet!


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