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Posted: September 18, 2019

Fiction: The Gateway to Unlimited Imagination- A Ficool Writers Workshop

Inspired by the urgent need to nurture more local writers and develop a reading society, Ficool Writers Club will be hosting an event on Saturday 21st September, bringing together writers to discuss on storytelling fundamentals.  This will all happen at Pinetree Plaza, Ngong road.

During the event, award-winning novelist Zukiswa Wanner will have an interactive session with the writers, equipping them with the right tools to churn out great stories that keep readers engaged and inspired. The event targets storytellers; both published and non-published. Afterwards every writer will take up an assignment to write a short story. The best stories will be curated on Ficool- African Webnovel Imprint; a book app that aims to help writers provide content to readers.

More than just entertainment, stories teach, inspire, and call out societal wrongs while praising the good. Stories also provide escapism; a needed path away from the pressure life exerts on our minds. And that isn’t all. Psychology says that stories ignite the part of the brain responsible for imagination, and that they can make people more empathetic.

Needless to say, imagination, as Albert Einstein quipped, is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions; making this workshop, and more to come, an unmissable event!


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