Pre-Preschool. What the fuss?

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 18, 2018  

Pre-preschool planning is important. Say what now? Yes. Planning on enrolling your little one for preschool next year? You better start planning NOW. The stakes are high mum & dad. Early childhood education demand is at an all time high. Parents are pre-booking slots for their toddlers as you read this. So what’s the fuss all about?

Getting a good Preschool in Nairobi is no joke — some parents apply months in advance in the hopes that they can get their kid into a preschool that could mould them into upstanding citizens.

This cut throat competition to get admission has been going on for years. Its not a joke .  We give you tips on how to go about it and where you should be this weekend if you want to secure your little one an admission.

First, narrow down your options by looking at location, hours, and price.  Every family is different, so these considerations will vary based on your needs.  Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few preschools, schedule a tour.  The first tour is best done without the kiddos so you can focus on observing and asking questions.


Of the items on this list, preschool staff is definitely the most important!  Keep an eye out for How teachers interact with students and how the support staff treats kids


What emergency plans do they have in place? Safety measures for chocking, fire evacuation and play ground precaution.


Kiddos need serene environment for learning. Not somewhere near a quarry and loads of space to move around.



Communication between the school and the parents and that regarding your child is very important. Find ou the school’s policy on this.


There should be age-appropriate expectations  along with clear rules and consequences. Find out how the school goes about it.


How much time will your child spend learning? How much time will they spend playing? They need a perfect balance.


Would you like to interact with experts and parents trying to make that crucial decision? Network with them at  Safesteps Expo this weekend (September 22-September 23rd 2018). Safesteps  are seasoned education consultants who provide parents with tools tips and tricks on everything that has to do with pre- and primary education. Remember to bring your little one with you. 




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