Performance Accelerator Program Helping Kids in Kenya Perform Better in School

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 21, 2021  

Many Kenyan parents and kids are expressing concern on how CBC is giving them grief and they can barely keep up with the curriculum. Peak Performance would like to help with their PERFORMANCE ACCLERATOR PROGRAM (PAP).

A scientific course based on proven neuroscience and psychology research that they claim will set up your child for success in school and life. Kids who have undergone the Right Brain Development course consistently throughout their growing years were able to utilize the full potential of their right brain surpassing the average level of 3% brain utilization normally found in the average person.

The virtual classes will kick off on the 5th of Oct and wrap up on the 9th. The three hour sessions will be conducted from 9:00am to 12pm. *If you’d like to sign your kid(s) up, email or call 0723 533840 for more info. 

Scientists have shown that right brain exercises  improve creativity, social skills and holistic development. Check out some cool brain facts below.

Characteristics of the Right Brain

The creative part of our brain is the right side.

  • The right brain deals with visual and auditory processes.
  • Intuition process is carried out on the right side of the brain.
  • The right brain manages the left side of the body.
  • The right brain learns through seeing and hearing.
  • The right brain has surrealistic dreams. It deals with metaphoric meanings.

Characteristics of the Left Brain

The logical part of our brain is the left side.

  • Successful in mathematical processes.
  • It has analytical thinking skills and cause and effect process.
  • It deals with words, numbers and symbols.
  • The left side of the brain manages the right side of the body (organs).

Right Brain Exercises

Methods of right brain training mainly involve artistic activities. Development of the right brain improves creativity.

Here are some of the right brain exercises:

  • Drawing,
  • Playing an instrument,
  • Singing,
  • Reading,
  • Fictionalizing and composing,
  • Playing games that require imagination,
  • Playing colorful and audible intelligence games.

Left Brain Exercises

Left brain development methods often remind us of the lessons we take in schools.  Math, science or grammar classes are usually good to improve the left side of the brain.

Here are some of the left brain exercises:

  • Solving math problems,
  • Solving puzzles,
  • Writing
  • Reading, (Reading is an exercise to develop left brain and also right brain),
  • Learning a new language,
  • Playing games that require imagination,
  • Playing intelligence and strategy games (Example: Chess, Mangala, MentalUP)

This is what peak performance promises your child will gain if you sign them up for their program:

  • Develop a Positive Attitude towards life
  • Develop Techniques to Accelerate their Learning.
  • Develop empowering beliefs on their learning ability.
  • Develop great social skills 
  • Improve their relationship with parents and family members.
  • Develop Empowering Beliefs on Their Learning ability.

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