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Posted: December 06, 2019

How long do you keep ear phones before one ear plug goes mute? Or the area around the audio jack gives out? A month? Two maybe? Or maybe it depends on the nature of your lifestyle? A vigorous lifestyle of morning jogs and gym workouts will definitely fasten the wear and tear of your earphones. On this piece, we look at the Pace Mzooca in ear earphones. Are they worth the hefty price-tag of Ksh.700/= ? Are they a step up from you regular earphones that hardly last a month?

Well here is my take:

At 700/= the pace mzooca earphones boast of an excellent built, with a high quality flattened audio cable that helps prevents tangling when thrown into the pocket and well designed in ear buds that sit well on the ears. The red and black color also add a fair share of flair to this babies as well.

Sound quality on this babies is nice but not great, they do well at high and medium pitch but so does nearly every set of earphones that go for way less than this 7 dollar price tag, what distinguishes the best from the rest should be the lower wavelength and the treble. On this earphones, they push out somewhat decent performance at this wavelengths, which really beats the logic of having them at that price.

Design wise the pace mzooca are a bio engineering marvel, how well the ear plugs of these ear phones sit on the auricle of the ear is a major selling point these earphones. Nothing like buds falling off as you walk through town.
Also thoughtful is the variation of earbuds from small, medium to large that you can choose from based on your preference. This helps significantly in noise isolation on this earphones. The flattened audio cable on these babies are a design marvel as they prevent the normal tangling of earphones whenever you put them in your pocket. The angled audio jack installed on this earphones also come as a genius way around the pitfalls of earphones breaking around the earphone jack area, it is definitely a good thing and boosts the durability index of these earphones a great deal. The design on the jack also looks pretty and classy aesthetically so but it doesn’t compensate for the poor performance on low wavelengths

The controls of these earphones are done on a single button, which is a not the most friendly design capabilities at that price-tag. Pressing this button once will pause your music or pick a call, twice will play forward and thrice will be play back.


So are you looking to buy a great pair of earphones that will give you phenomenal sound in music? Well, this are not them. Sorry. Keep looking. However if you are about durability then they are pretty decent despite being a bit overpriced. The fit and strength of these babies make them ideal for an active lifestyle like jogging and gym workouts.

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