Our Favorite Love Triangles from “Te Acuerdas De Mi”

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 18, 2021  

I’ve Known You All My Love features a lot of love triangles that keeps the story exciting and interesting. We compiled some of the love triangles from the show and we want to know which one you are most invested in.

Pedro, Vera and Olmo

Vera met Pedro in Spain and the two fell in love. However, they could not be together because Pedro was married. Years later, Vera met Olmo and he was completely smitten by her. He invited her to live in his house and Vera was reunited with Pedro. The two cannot be together because Olmo married Vera.

Gaston, Laiza and Melida

Gasto grew up with Liza so the two are very close. When they came to the realization that they liked each other, it was too late for them because Gaston was already involved with Melida. His relationship with Melida is more of an agreement because Gaston hopes to win his father’s favor. He cannot be with Laiza because she is not from the same social class.

Julio, Lola and Vera

Julio used to be Vera’s boyfriend before she met Pedro but remained good friends even after they broke up. Olmo got jealous when he found out about their past so Julio asked Lola to pretend to be his girlfriend. They decided to date each other when their feelings for each other began to grow. However, Lola is unsure of Julio’s feelings because she thinks he still loves Vera.

Ivana, Alberto and Olmo

Ivana is Olmo’s sister in law and is married to Alberto. She moved in to Olmo’s house to help him raise his children after his wife died. She harbors feelings for him and was the most affected when Olmo married Vera. Alberto has noticed her keen interest in Olmo and is not happy about it.

Which love triangle is your favorite on the show and which couple are you supporting?

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