The Otile-Vera Bedroom Scandal: Kenyans React Hilariously!

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: November 20, 2018

I think we’re now on the 7th season of ‘Keeping Up With Vera and Otile Brown’ just like one twitter user had noted. This new season, however, has to be the most dramatic we’ve witnessed. The receipts are out and we’re here to serve the tea.

Season 1 saw the two falling in love. They shocked us at first, they said they were serious about it and they were all over the place. When Season 2 of the highly publicized affair between Vera and Otile started, we noticed cracks on the wall. The other seasons just spiraled out of control and in this latest one, Vera has come out publicly shaming her ex for his poor bedrooms skills.

She shared Whatsapp screenshots, revealing how she taught him how to be a ‘good’ partner. Vera also shared things privy, not only to Otile but also herself. Otile Brown is yet to respond but the dirt is already out.

Just like blogger Xtian Dela tweeted, “Otile Brown and Vera Sidika will be remembered for teaching Kenyans what showbiz is all about,” I have to agree. The hype that these two have created in less than a year is one for the books.

What will season finale be like? In the meantime, let’s appreciate the creativity of Kenyans on the matter. Oh, you can read the receipts for yourself.

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