Nyungwe Forest Lodge Rated Rwanda’s Best in New CNN Survey

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Rated Rwanda’s Best in New CNN Survey

Nyugwe forest lodge

CNN’s Safari Awards for 2015 have included the Nyungwe Forest Lodge / Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda among the top ten places to visit. Set in the midst of a working tea estate is the lodge but a short stone throw away from the edge of the forest, and as a result of the vegetation growth can visitors from the privacy of their forest facing terraces of their villas almost touch the tree branches. Owned by Dubai World is the lodge now part of the Shamwari Collection which in 2014 captured the World Travel Award as Africa’s best conservation group.

Nyungwe is one of Rwanda’s presently three national parks, besides Akagera and Volcanoes. However, other tourism attractions, like the Congo Nile Trail along the shores of Lake Kivu, Gishwati Forest, birding reserves and a number of restored historical cultural sites across the country have added to the country’s magnetic pull for ever more tourists coming to the land of a thousand hills.

This author has in the past extensively reported about Nyungwe Forest National Park and the Nyungwe Forest Lodge which indeed has captured this latest accolade for its unique setting at the edge of the forest as well as the level of services provided for visitors in terms of food and service. Links to published articles are shown below for ease of access:






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