New Marvel Movie ‘The Eternals’ Drops this Weekend!!!

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: November 04, 2021  

Eternals has sharply divided Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Some claim it is one of Marvel’s best movies so far. Others…well, they have unflattering things to say about it. 

Most of these opinions are presumptive anyway because Eternals officially opens in cinemas this weekend. Until now (most) people have just been reading Rotten Tomatoes op-eds and watching trailers. 

This, the third film in the MCU’s Phase 4, following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga is the second-longest MCU movie behind only Avengers: Endgame. It has an Avengers-esque line-up of superheroes, an amazing cast, and an Oscar-winning director in Chloé Zhao.

Whether you will ultimately love or hate this movie, the trailer reveals the breathtaking visuals of a high budget film so we’re pretty sure you won’t be bored! 

Here’s a cheat sheet of the Eternals to make your viewing easier courtesy of The Ringer

 Meet the Eternals:


  • Sersi (Gemma Chan): Sersi has the power to manipulate non-sentient matter, and perhaps more than any other Eternal, has a deep love and respect for humanity. In the film’s present-day timeline, Sersi works at the Natural History Museum in London and is romantically involved with Dane Whitman, a human.


  • Ikaris (Richard Madden): Ikaris is one of the most powerful members of the Eternals and can fly and shoot beams out of his eyes. He also has a centuries-long on-off relationship with Sersi.


  •  Ajak (Salma Hayek): Ajak is the leader of the Eternals, as well as the matriarch to this dysfunctional family of ancient aliens. She has the power to heal, as well as the unique ability to speak directly with the Celestials. 


  • Thena (Angelina Jolie): Thena is the goddess of war, one of the elite fighters in the group, with the ability to manifest various weapons.


  • Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry): Phastos is the inventor in the Eternals, a thinker who can assemble anything out of any kind of technology—he’s the OG Tony Stark, thousands of years before Iron Man came to be. He’s also the first openly gay superhero in the MCU.


  • Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani): Kingo is a warrior who can manipulate energy with his hands, but he also happens to be a Bollywood star in the film’s present-day timeline.


  • Druig (Barry Keoghan): Druig has the ability to manipulate other people’s thoughts with his mind. The comics version of the character tends to use this power to a villainous effect, and is a longtime rival of Ikaris.


  • Makkari (Lauren Ridloff): Makkari has super speed, not unlike DC’s Flash or Marvel’s Quicksilver, and is the MCU’s first deaf superhero. In the comics, Makkari was originally a male character, and he, not Ikaris, had an on-off relationship with Sersi.


  • Gilgamesh (Don Lee): Like his character in Train to Busan, Lee (whose Korean name is Ma Dong-seok) uses only his fists to fight his foes as the ancient brawler Gilgamesh. He’s the strongest warrior of the group.  


  • Sprite (Lia McHugh): Sprite uses illusions to confuse her enemies and allies alike, not unlike the mischievous trickster god Loki. She is unique in that she is the only Eternal to look like a child, despite being thousands of years old like her cohorts.


  • Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington): Whitman works at the Natural History Museum in present-day London alongside Sersi. And while Dane is set to play a minor role in Eternals, in the comics, a man with that same name was an Avenger known as the Black Knight, the wielder of a powerful and cursed sword known as the Ebony Blade.

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