‘Nairobi Diaries’ Reunion – Get Your Popcorn Out and Enjoy the Drama

‘Nairobi Diaries’ Reunion – Get Your Popcorn Out and Enjoy the Drama


The first ever Kenyan reality show, 'Nairobi Diaries' which airs on K24 drew its curtains on season one, starring entrepreneur and socialite Vera Sidika, fashion stylist Silvia Njoki, musician and actress Ella Ciru, NGO ambassador and student Gertrude Murunga, architect Kiki Diang’a, fitness instructor Marjolein Blokland and socialite and singer, Pendo.

And so as is the tradition of reality shows after a finale, Nairobi Diaries aired its part one reunion yesternight where only 5 ladies appeared on the show, that is, Ella, Pendo, Gertrude, Marjolein and supporting cast member, Molly. Vera Sidika officially stated that she had left the show due to personal reasons, and so the main question was why Silvia and Kiki were absent at the reunion. But as they say in showbizz, the show must go on with radio bigwig Kalekye Mumo's presence overshadowing the no-shows as the official reunion host.

And so this is my review of the reunion last night:

Best dressed: Marjolein with her simple goddess look.

Worst dressed: Molly. Her shoes were nice though. If only she could ditch that dress.

Funniest part of the reunion: The censorship of boobs on the show. And is it just me or did all the cast members decide to go on a boob flashing mission?

Best cast member: Pendo, only because she’s best at being herself.

Most moving part of the reunion: When Ella was speaking about her father’s absence during her childhood.

Most 'keep-it-100' member: Gertrude. She says it like it is, especially when Molly was talking about her preference to drinking Irish coffee.

Most shocking part of the reunion: Ella actually confessing that she's addicted to cocaine. Well, Allegedly. In her own words she said, "It remains to be told if I have a cocaine habit but, cocaine was my drug of choice."

Most boring cast member: Molly. What does she do though? I didn’t understand her role in the reunion.

Most dramatic member: Pendo. She had something to say about everyone on the panel apart from Gertrude.

Tongue-twister name: 'Marjolein' also pronounced as 'Mar-jo-lei-y-in', which everyone had a problem pronuncing, Kalekye included. I’ll just stick to ‘Marj’.

Exceeded expectations: The setting of the reunion definitely exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be as ratchet as the show, but the studio they shot the reunion in actually had good-looking leather seats! And for once, there was no shaky camera works.

Under delivered expectations: The make-up room. Why did it have random plastic chairs? And why was Marjolein doing her own make-up? The Nairobi Diaries production crew could have done so much better!

The drama in the first reunion was certainly explosive and I simply cannot wait for part two of the reunion!

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