Mutura Tasting Around Nairobi

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 16, 2020

Caveat to vegetarians/vegans. You might find this a bit unsavoury but please, do read on for ummmm, “educational purposes”.  No harm in expanding your culinary knowledge. So, this past week, a friend came over and brought with him something I haven’t eaten in ages! Mutura

What’s that you ask? Mutura is a roasted delicacy made of goat and/or cow intestines/offals sewn together and stuffed with a mixture bound by fresh blood laced with fat that melts when you grill it. 

I’ll let you digest that visual.  

It’s a type of blood sausage. The Irish and Scottish have black pudding, Koreans have Soondae and the Spaniards have Morcilla.

Kenya has Mutura. After Nyama Choma, this blood sausage features prominently on barbecue grills across the country.

I have a very complicated relationship with Mutura. The sight of it assaults my senses but once I get over the need to purge, it doesn’t taste too bad. 

It’s been years since I indulged and I was surprised I actually liked it after such a long time.

I put out a poll on Instagram asking for recommendations on the best Mutura spots around Nairobi and I got these:

Roadhouse Grill

Arguably the best nyama choma place in Hurlingham. Their Mutura boasts generous seasoning of ginger, garlic, dhania and pilipili. It gets really busy and you don’t wanna wait for your sausage forever. Right? Call+254705711222  to make your order.

Sagret Hotel Milimani

Since the 80s, Sagret Milimani  has been serving Nairobians some top tier mutura. You can get a really generous serving for Ksh 400. Call+254705444544  in advance to book your order.

Manor 540

This Rhapta road eatery serves take-away Mutura. I hear their mutura is quite pricey but worth every shilling. Call +254720314995 to make your order.

Coco Jambo

If you’re in Valley Arcade and craving for Mutura, Coco Jambo is your plug. They do deliveries too +254712307861

KPM Nyama

Located along Sumba road, this no-fuss, casual eatery has some really good mutura. So I hear. Don’t take it from me. Call them to find out +254721 826063

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